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Red Cherry Shrimp - Coming Soon

Red Cherry Shrimp

Red Cherry Shrimp are a variety of Neocaridina heteropoda that have been bred specifically for their red coloration. They are popular freshwater aquarium shrimp and great for eating algae!

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Yellow Shrimp

Yellow shrimp are also a variety of Neocaridina heteropoda in this case bred for the yellow coloration. They are a bit harder to find, but exhibit such vivid colors that it's easy to see why they are popular as well. Another great shrimp for freshwater algae cleanup.

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Aquarium Plants

We also will have available a number of freshwater aquatic plants for sale.

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Welcome to our site!

We will be providing information here on the care and breeding of some of the many varieties of freshwater shrimp that are currently found in the aquarium hobby. We do hope to also begin offering shrimp for sale here. initially Red Cherry Shrimp, but later branching out into other color variations and other species. Thanks for stopping by and please visit again in the near future when we will have things setup a bit more for you to see what we can offer.